Paris. Need we say more? With its stunning views from the Seine river to the iconic Eiffel tower, its a must for any wedding photographer to travel to this incredibly gorgeous city. Even though I have travelled to Paris many times before, I was captivated and fell in love with Paris all over again. For this trip I decided to leave my digital camera at home and travel with only my film cameras. With my Contax 645 and the Contax 35mm as my cameras of choice I remained engaged and inspired the entire time. 

Our trip to Paris included a workshop with the amazing Greg Finck , named one of the top photographers in the world by Harper’s Bazaar, and celebrity event designer Joy Proctor.  This workshop was a gift to myself for my 40th birthday, and boy was I blown away with all the inspiration and knowledge I obtained during this shoot.  Greg was a book of business knowledge and Joy was impeccable with her acute attention to design.  The wedding gowns made from Rime Arodaki were fresh and modern sustaining fierce elegance with an edgy twist.
The floral designs by Floraison were beautifully paired with soft blush and tangerine tones and gentle hints of green foliage. 

I am grateful for all that I learned in Paris, and so blessed to have my husband Laif that watched our little one year old while I spent three days immersed in the film photo workshop.  I believe that I owe it to my clients to invest in my craft to be able to offer them the best that I can possibly give them.  I am excited to bring my clients a fresh new perspective and more inspiration in the years to come! 

Workshop Host: https://www.gregfinck.com 
Styling and Design: https://www.joyproctor.com