Covid-19 or Coronavirus threw hundreds of thousands of brides and wedding vendors into a frenzy of confusion. We all felt the winds of change and it caught us off guard. Understandably many couples had the first thought of canceling or postponing their wedding, but before you jump to action consider moving forward in a different way! Here are some real reasons to consider having a smaller wedding, micro wedding or elopement for your marriage union celebration.


This might be the reason that is the deciding factor alone. With fewer guests there is less stress. With a smaller wedding you can actually relax and enjoy your marriage celebration. With bigger weddings so often the day gets swept away by greeting the guests, big lists of family photos and arrangements of seating charts. I often see the bride and groom in a daze of overwhelm. With a wedding being one of the most special and important things you ever do why not enjoy it! Micro weddings can allow you to stay present and celebrate the reason why you both came together.


I have to say this would be my number one reason. Details in a wedding can often times fall by the way side when the wedding budget is stretched. With an intimate wedding or elopement you can bring more luxury to your wedding for a smaller budget. There is less to plan so here is where you can focus on (my favorite part) the details. Now you can add the beautiful cutlery, beautiful china, calligraphed vows, and even go all out for those Christian Louboutin shoes you wanted. When you indulge in the details with smaller wedding you can elevate your experience and your image gallery…


On a typical wedding day we usually get about 30 mins, to an hour at most, for portraits and are limited to what is closest to the venue. With a micro wedding, the skies are the limit! We can go wherever we want to capture some fun and gorgeous imagery. From a beautiful luminous mountain at sunset to a vast ocean as our backdrop, wedding portraits won’t fall by the way side or be rushed! Some of my best imagery was created during an elopement or micro wedding where the portraits became fun and turned into an adventure with an unexpected view!


Most brides say they didn’t get to say hi to all their guests or they felt rushed through the guest greeting process. During a micro wedding you can actually enjoy your time with your guests and not feel disjointed from the entire experience. I love photographing the guests and with a smaller wedding I can do so more and create more artistic portraits for them as well.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could be present, enjoy your wedding day, and not be incredibly spent after the wedding is over? Yes this is how enjoyable micro or intimate weddings are without all the stress and craziness of having a massive wedding. You actually get to feel and look amazing while enjoying the day at a slower more relaxed pace.