Maya & Tyler were such an impressionable couple to photograph. We started off their engagement session at Heather Farms Garden in Walnut Creek, a quaint garden that Maya enjoyed visiting as a child.
This place held a sentimental value to her and I could definitely see why. Heather Farms is a stunning location for an engagement photo session. Its beautiful gardens, picturesque lakes, and rolling hills provide a variety of stunning backdrops for your photos. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful and romantic setting moreover a dramatic and scenic backdrop, Heather Farms has it all. After a good rain a few days prior the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, perfect for Maya and Tyler!

The couple met on a dating app called “Hinge”. After 3 years of dating decided to get married in wine country! It will be an exciting wedding at Carneros in Napa Valley to celebrate these two.

We walked around and visited all areas of the park. Maya was full of laughter. Her betrothed, Tyler, was the perfect compliment to her bright and bubbly demeanor. He was calming to her bright spirit and together the two were just lovely. Photographing them under the cherry blossoms was my favorite. The light was soft through the gorgeous pink lush tree and definitely on par with their beautiful engagement. Soft hues of pink cotton ball petals danced in the light behind them and Maya’s engagement ring sparkled in the sunlight.

After enjoying some moments in the park and the fresh smells of spring we decided to head to a hiking trail about 10 mins away. Shell Ridge was a hop skip and a jump away. We had to move quickly as the sun was setting and we were losing light. Throughout the session there were many photographical moments. They were fun and energetic furthermore displaying a joyfulness together. Their union was unique and pleasant. Their engagement session was full of laughter and easy going.

As we walked around the ridge and hiked a little further in we came across a few areas displaying interesting rock formations and beautiful oak trees. The couple enjoyed a golden sun set with the green rolling hills behind them. Everything was so fresh after the rains making all incredibly green. It was an enjoyable day with these two.