It was such a romantic and festive day witnessing Kerry and Robert elope under a gold trim Christmas tree at the San Francisco City Hall.  The break in the rain allowed beautiful light to enter the iconic building as the two danced their way up to the 4th floor for their couples portraits. For sunset photos, nothing was more perfect than to head down to the Sutro Baths to catch the last light of the day. Rolling clouds painted watercolor hues in the sky allowing the last bit of sun to move behind the adoring couple for dramatic scenes captured so perfectly on fuji film.

This couple was just the most fun! They were stress free and relaxed. When you get married at the City Hall in San Francisco it is special. This was something these two had dreamed about. Being restaurant owners, the couple were big foodies and loved the idea of exchanging their vows at the iconic and classic building. Shooting at the city hall is always so exciting for me. It is like being transported to another time. The couple were very interested in having a vintage look to their wedding so I shot a lot of film. I always love the grain that the low light provides and this couple did not hold back for photos! I am so happy to report that Kerry and Robert ended up printing framing and hanging their portraits in their home! I am thrilled I got to work with them.

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