cliffside Marin Headlands elopement

When Savanah and Stephen’s wedding plans were thwarted by Covid-19, they were forced to postpone their marriage celebration in Hawaii twice! With the help of Many Scott of Mandy Scott Events, Savannah and Stephan were able to reroute their plans without to much worry or stress. 

Like many couples that had felt so defeated by the stress of replanning due to the Corona Virus, Savannah and Stephen decided to end the year on a positive note and elope. They both knew they wanted to be married in 2020 and decided to end the year on a positive note and elope in the Marin Headlands on one of the most incredible coast lines in California. 

Savannah and Stephen met in 2014 during an annual family party.  Savannah, during a game of badminton, needed a partner and chose Stephen, appreciating his athletic build. Then the two started dating. 5 years later, Stephen decided to propose while the two were hiking in Marin at Tennessee Valley point. It was only fitting that the lovebirds were destined to be married on that same coast line where Stephen had proposed. 

At first, when we arrived the couple would face their last challenge of the year with a crazy unexpected storm that was not in the forecast.  The winds had picked up and an enormous hail storm began to come down hard. At first we thought we were going to have to cancel the day but intuitively we felt if we waited just a bit the rain would pass. And so it did! 

As the rain subsided there was a pause in the wind and we all walked over to a breathtaking view that reached out over the bluff. The couple were married cliffside looking over the cliffs of  the Marin Headlands and Rodeo beach. The two were married by Savannah’s former employer, friend and wedding planner extraordinaire Mandy Scott who came prepared and gifted the couple bottle of Champagne for toasting!

It was difficult not to tear up as the two exchanged vows. It was emotional and beautiful all around. Amidst the sweeping ocean views and the beautiful golden light that emerged rays of hope through the clouds there was a gentle breeze that carried Stephen and Savannah’s words of commitment with a sense of hope for the future of love never being defeated. 

As I photographed my last wedding in such a tumultuous year I witnessed the beautiful moment of what a love that can never be canceled looks like.

After Savannah and Stephen were proudly pronounced husband and wife, the two enjoyed their romantic cliffside champagne toast and danced in the golden light over the spongy succulent ground as the sun made its slow decent over the expansive blue ocean. It was a very magical day with love and gratitude on the horizon. 

Savannah and Stephen plan to extend their wedding celebration to next year in Hawaii where they hope to have a big party with all their friends and family.

Stay tuned for this gorgeous elopement coming soon to Wedding Sparrow!

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