cuddling couple in the wildflowers

Taking your engagement photos is a very special event in the wedding planning timeline. Engagement photos are so important because it gives you a chance to get to know your photographer and really get some practice in getting comfortable in front of the camera before the big day. Aside from that your engagement photos are the special heirlooms that will be framed and hung in your home for years. Are you uncertain about what to do to prepare for your engagement session? Not to worry we have you covered with a short checklist of things to consider before your engagement photo shoot and how to be prepared. Remember these are just suggestions to give you ideas….have fun with it!

Locations For Your Shoot

The location is so important and can really set the tone of the image. A first date spot, or a place that is special to you both will make your images feel meaningful. I often suggest couples choose locations that will inspire a warm fuzzy feeling when you see them printed in a frame in your home. It could even be where he proposed or a favorite spot! Locations can both be personal or just someplace that inspires you both. Natural elements such as water or trees tend to inspire the photography and create a story. Consider anywhere that has epic views that will wow you for years to come! Anywhere off the beaten path that involves hiking to will have less crowds and make even more of an impact in images.

Engaged couple laying in a field of purple blooming flowers during spring
Bride and groom walking towards golden gate bridge at baker beach


I always encourage couples to bring a few outfit choices. Mix it up with a casual outfit and a dressier outfit for a dynamic range and options. We can also pick out a few different outfits in case you want more than one look! Less is more when it comes to color and pattern. Neutrals, soft hues and pastels will photograph best and usually won’t clash with over-all tones in your surroundings. Too much pattern may distract and cause things to look busy, so lean towards solid colors or muted patterns.
I LOVE long flowing dresses and how often do you get to get all dressed up and take photos? Why not! Lighter chiffon materials can catch the wind nicely creating movement while adding to a more cinematic feel in photographs. Casual wear is always a good idea. Color matching to your partner is always great when done in subtle complementary tones.

Grooms can dress it up next to you by wearing a suit or slacks with suspenders. Themed outfits are super fun as well! I love pocket squares or handkerchiefs that have a pop of color. For casual looks try for lighter materials. Heavy wools or materials can create heavy photos. Light layering can be awesome for casual looks.

* Brides bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes to change out your heels in case we hike!

wide shot of a beautiful love


I welcome any kind of sentimental elements to your engagement photo shoot! Creating cute scenarios with different styling props can be fun and creative. From beautiful floral bouquets, love letters, old books, pocket watches or whatever speaks to your story, props can add a nice additional touch to your images. Sometimes these things can be added to your save the dates. Bring your furry friends….I’m a sucker for animals and they really add to the cute factor in phots. Feel free to get as creative as you like or just keep it simple. Either way the images will be treasured and loved.


Posing is always best when its natural and relaxed. I love simple organic poses that don’t look like you are posing. Keep it simple. I like to allow space for couples to relax into the moment of just being engaged. Get snuggly with one another and be prepared to kiss….A LOT!
I will guide you with posing if I see any confusion or a bit of uncomfortableness but I like to really just see what you guys look like without me in the middle of the shoot. If you have some poses you would like to try this is the best time to do it and I am always open! If you’re not sure do not worry. I will always be right there to make sure you look amazing.

Filoli couple kissing against a brick wall
Fiances kissing under a cherry blossom tree


Engagement photos are the most fun! I remember when we took our engagement photos we got so excited for the wedding day. It is the most magical time of your life and it doesn’t have to be limited to just one day. The entire process of getting married from when your groom proposes to the day of the wedding should be one wonderful feeling after another. The experience should be fun and exciting! Engagement photos give you an excuse to show off your love to everyone. Don’t worry about being perfect in front of the camera this is the time you get to play and enjoy the experience. Just relax and be natural with each other. We will get you comfortable in front of the camera for your big day!

Always be sure to reach out to us with any questions you may have. We love what we do and love recreating your love story! Thank you for having us be apart of the experience! We look forward to serving you.

cuddling couple in the wildflowers

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