I just love photographing newborns in a family setting. It has to be a close favorite to weddings. There’s something about the postpartum time when things seam softer, quieter, gentler than usual. It is a new nesting time that brings families together to learn a new way of being together. It is a great opportunity to create space in a family unit to allow a new one to enter.

The sleepless nights and exhaustion from the last 9 months always seem to be what takes over. A lot of mothers tell me they had wished they did a newborn session but they were just too tired, which is why I like to conduct my family newborn photos in the comfort of the family’s home. Entering this space is always a sacred area to me. I feel no two nests will be the same. I always feel so much emotion when entering a family’s home to photograph a new baby. I too had journeyed through that beginning time with my son and I understand how intense yet how beautiful it can be.

Baby Oliver had a warm and inquisitive nature about him. He was second to his older sister who was very playful with her little brother. When she would speak to him Oliver would acknowledge her by turning his head in her direction. She was so cuddly and took pride in being the older sister.

We did the photographs in the master bedroom. Mama made sure to nurse the baby before I arrived so Oliver was very calm, wide eyed and alert. I could tell this family were very excited to have him. They were all so easy going and relaxed. The posing came naturally and I did not have to direct them very much. I look for natural interactions.

It was an overcast day, so the light was soft coming in through the main window. There was the sweetest rocking horse that was a cute background prop and the baby’s crib was not too far from his parent’s bed. I was sure to bring some toys that make noise to grab the attention of the baby, however I did not need it as baby Oliver was alert and loved having his picture taken. It was sweetness overload with this family of four and the way they kissed and cuddled baby Oliver to no end. I could tell he was going to be so incredibly spoiled and loved.