cuddling couple in the wildflowers

Morgan & Sam’s engagement session captivated me with their love. This couple was beyond easy to photograph and watching them through my camera lens I began to wonder how I got so lucky with this pair. Their movements were almost poetic, graceful and true to the meaning of what love is. Morgan & Sam were synced the way two souls become when they know one another. I was grateful to have photographed this engagement session at Morgan’s family home in the Pleasanton hills. From the incredible expansive views and beautiful light that sparkled through the trees illuminating the hillsides.

When documenting an engagement session I always feel the light peaks about 2 hours before sunset. It is my favorite time of day to photograph. The film translates the colors so harmoniously and the grain from the black and white scans were perfection. I loved that Sam & Morgan were so interested in being photographed with film. I aimed to provide them with a lot of film scans as I knew during our initial meeting that they were very excited about it. So we began our session up the hill from the house under a very special tree that sheltered some of the light perfectly allowing just the perfect amount to spill over the couple. Morgan wore a beautiful floral print dress in a soft blue and pink pattern. Her dress danced in the wind as she walked and turned. Sam looked dapper in his complimentary slacks and button up shirt and doted over his beautiful bride to be taking her hand in the softer moments and at times being silly making her laugh. From start to finish Morgan and Sam gave off a sense of ease and gracefulness with one another. Their love was palpable and special and I could tell immediately their union was a lasting one.

Just as the light began to drop behind the hillside we climbed the steep mountain to the top where the view of the valley below covered in green was a such a site to see. For as far as we could see there were patches of wildflowers growing adding pops of color throughout the valley. Morgan loved the wildflowers that reminded her of her childhood so I had the couple rest in a patch of the yellow flowers and we got a few shots of them in their casual outfits. The couple laughed, danced and joked around bringing life to their images. I am so excited to photograph these two for their upcoming wedding this year in the San Juan Islands. I just know it is going to be a celebration we will all remember!