Backyard wedding Indian

During a time when the world faces so many challenges, as California burns, a pandemic threatens the lives and livelihoods of so many, and social unrest charges through the nations, Kacey & Sagar went against the odds to celebrate their union as man and wife bringing their guests a day of joy, love and laughter. 

After having to replan their wedding 3 times during the corona virus, civil unrest and fires plaguing the state of California, the couple decided to pair down the number of guests and have their closest friends and family join them in their family home to witness them in a quiet and quaint celebration of their union. Love was not canceled with these two. Instead the couple created a venue where they brought two worlds together in style melding a traditional Indian ceremony and an American wedding ceremony in one day. 

The Indian wedding as decadent and beautiful as it was involved traditional rituals and prayers. Hindu traditional ornaments decorated the ceremony site. A tent was provided for guests to take shelter from the summer heat and ice cream was served to help tipper the intense warmth of the day.

It was a wedding that stood out in decadence of golds, blush and reds creating a lavish union that captured the hearts of us all.

The American ceremony was held in another part of the estate where Kacey and Sagar said their traditional American vows under a beautifully structured ceremony arch made of blush and pink flowers. After the ceremony we stole away to a nearby almond orchard where the couple enjoyed their time alone together and the reality of their union had finally happened.

For Kacey & Sagar their wedding day was so much more than a celebration of love. By having two wedding ceremonies, they were able to experience the joy in joining their lives together forever with unique traditions from both of their backgrounds. The union began in traditional fashion with an Indian ceremony dressed in florals, gifts and blessings from loved ones. The couple enjoyed a first look in the garden next to a small waterfall. Everything felt like they were transformed to another place. Being that the wedding was more intimate than they had originally planned, the couple was able to relax and enjoy the romance of marriage holding onto their connection throughout the day.

From the Bride….

How did you meet?

Mutual friends! We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party and became casual friends within the group. We both attended a different friends wedding a year later in Canada and spent quite a bit of the weekend together. We continued our friendship when we returned back to SF and things progressed from there.

Where was the proposal?

In San Francisco on the top of the Salesforce tower overlooking the city view! 

Kacey is from, and grew up, in SF- her sister works at the Salesforce building and we had been wanting to check out the views. Sagar secretly arranged with Krystal to allow us up to the top floor (before it was accessible to the public) to check out the views. One of Sagar’s sisters, Vaishali, came too to help capture the moment. It was very romantic.

Describe the colors and mood of the wedding?

Simple, elegant, romance. Our colors for Saturday will be blush, gold and white

Why did you choose Blue Note Weddings to document your wedding?

They came highly recommended by a friend of a friend on a mother’s blog. We checked out their instagram photo’s and fell in love with each one. It was as if we were there in each photo- pure sophistication and so beautiful. I can’t say it enough, Melisa & Laif were a dream to work with. 

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