San Francisco city scape view

If you are getting married in San Francisco then you are sure to want an epic view of the city skyline. Parmeet and Lee knew that the best seats in the house would be on Treasure Island overlooking San Francisco and the bay.

The couple exchanged their vows under a floral arch with the iconic Bay Bridge in the background.  The wedding was a blend of the old and new with traditional Indian garments as well as a modern twist on the ceremony and table settings.   Black, gold, red, and white created a perfect blend of trendy and traditional.

The Bride and Groom blew us away with their grand entrance.  Standing together, with eyes only for each other, while a recording of Alan Watts speaking on the nature of falling in love played from the DJ booth.  Then they walked to the dance floor and let loose!

So many heartfelt words were spoken and hugs exchanged as the two family’s became one. We’ll never forget this day, and I’m sure they won’t either.