The story of Eve and Corey is an amazing tale that started as a young love in high school.  Years later the two finally decided to reunite in a union of marriage at the Clos La Chance winery in San Martin California. There were tears of joy for this one as the couple exchanged their vows to one another amongst their friends and family. With the beautiful and breathtaking mountains and vineyards as their back drop there could not have been a more pleasing venue to say yes to forever.

I had the pleasure of knowing these two lovebirds at San Francisco School of the Arts High School at the age of 14. I remember the progression of what started out as an innocent love, and, unbeknownst to us all, would turn into an everlasting joining of two souls, Eve and Corey. After high school, the young lovers parted ways, however, it wasn’t long before they found their way back to each other, and that feeling of home. 

The day began with Eve getting ready in the incredible suite with her girlfriends and her young daughter, Aria surrounding her. They all had their makeup and hair done as Corey and his groomsmen killed some time in the cellar of the venue. We photographed the details and proceeded to getting ready for the ceremony in the vineyard. The reception was prepared in the beautiful courtyard of the hotel where guests enjoyed a very beautiful sunset as they enjoyed their dinner. Later all the guests watched as Corey and Eve took their first dance as man and wife to the song “First Love”. Clos LaChance has the most gorgeous evenings and we enjoyed a walk with the couple after dark before departing.