Dana Powers House and Barn wedding on film

Out on a country hillside in San Luis Obispo County, California, a quiet energy surrounds the Dana Powers House and Barn. Everyone had come together to turn a historic ranch and barn into the perfect wedding celebration for Caitland and Kellen. The Dana-Powers house, built in 1882, stands on a portion of the historic 37,888-acre Rancho Nipomo (from the Chumash Indian word Nepomah, meaning “at the foot of the hills”). Resting on 1200 acres of land the exquisite ranch offers everything from tranquil beauty of the surrounding hills to the gorgeous home grown vineyards. From the rustic decor, to the vintage pieces that so perfectly accent the historical venue, this venue is a timeless fairytale property fit for a modern romance. 

Caitland and Kellen knew each other since the age of 10! The two sweethearts had crossed paths over the years at family gatherings and friends birthday parties but never really connected romantically until years later when they both matured. When Kellen proposed to Caitland she had no doubts that he was the one. 

Because Caitland was the only girl in her immediate family, She had known that if she ever got married that she would definitely want all her brothers to be in her wedding. So instead of having a traditional bridal party, she had 3 of her brothers as her Men of Honor, and her closest male cousins as her bridesmen instead of bridesmaids. It was the perfect modern twist to have an entire bridal party of gentlemen dressed in black suits at the Dana Powers house!

It was an intimate start to the day, as Caitland’s mother helped her get ready in the bridal suite.  The room was dressed in a tasteful decor and beautiful antique collectibles created the perfect atmosphere of historic .  The feel of the wedding was rustic chic.  The tables were dressed with a boho twist and a periwinkle pop of blue. Every detail was delicately planned. From the vintage glassware, to the candelabras and ginger jars, there was a cohesiveness color pallet that reined through the event. 

The florals were designed with soft white roses, peonies, and anemones with pops of periwinkle flowers and blue bouquet berries, amidst tall standing greenery.The tables were dressed with white linens and vintage glassware. A whole constellation of chandeliers hung from the   rafters of the barn, reflecting their light in Victorian mirrors covering the walls.  

The splendid desert bar rested upon a dresser made of reclaimed orchard crates, displaying a classic white cake, dressed in florals.  The cake surly commanded the attention of our sweet tooth, but had strong competition from the cookies, cupcakes, and compote crumble that filled out the bar.  

As the sun began to set, we stole the couple away for one last moment alone in the gorgeous golden grasses that rested beneath the Southern California Hills. Caitland and Kellen danced with the wooden barn in the distance, and snuggled into the golden light loving up the last moments of the day.