Having a San Francisco engagement session can be so fun and diverse! You get the best of both worlds from urban city feel to outdoorsy or ocean views. SF has it all for engagement session locations and we often times get asked by couples where are the best places in San Francisco to have an engagement sessions. Being a San Francisco native myself I know this city inside out! You have a beautiful pallet of different feels you can give your engagement session. Here are a few of my go to favorite places I like to take my engaged couples to for their engagement sessions.

The Palace Of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts is an iconic is one of San Francisco’s impressive structures resting in the Marina district. With its beautiful rotunda and old greek style pillars, the terra cotta building had a fairytale like elegance to it that captures very well in photographs. The romantic venue has a quaint pond that is home to many beautiful birds and swans making it a very story like place to create romantic imagery.

Sutro Baths

Ok Sutro Baths in San Francisco’s Lands End is my absolute favorite. I highly suggest shooting here during the week if you can and especially when the wether is nice. The beauty of the old ruins is that you can walk across the ledge and have a nice reflection in the water of the two of you with the sunset just behind you. It’s pretty amazing to have an engagement session here especially on film. I have shot at Sutro Baths quite a bit so I know that its a very popular place based on its beauty alone. Its quite fun to photograph couples in the trees above Lands End. I always love when brides to be wear a gorgeous gown in this spot because it just feels to luxurious!

Bride & Groom standing in Sutro Baths with golden sunset


There is no place like this gorgeous cliffside location for an epic engagement photo shoot. I have seen this location have some interesting fog waterfalls and the light is incredible here. I LOVE this place and am waiting for a couple to take me back because the imagery you get here is break taking. It is a short hike up so I always ask my couples to come prepared with warm jackets and hiking boots but the hike is worth the views you get and the photos you will LOVE. Point Reyes is an adorable town so after your engagement shoot you can go to dinner at the cute little restaurant in town.

just married kiss

Sonoma Regional Park

Sonoma Regional Park provides an extraordinary canvas upon which an engagement session turns into a magical love story. With the epic rolling hills and majestic light there is no way to run out of places to shoot. Grab your hiking shoes and lets go....this is one magical spot you won't say no to...

Sonoma Regional Park view at the top with a couple in love

Baker Beach

An engagement session at San Francisco’s Baker Beach is always a must. With the golden gate bridge as your backdrop sunset engagement photos here are always the prettiest. The light can go from gold to pink creating a beautiful cotton candy sky. We love when couples bring us here because we know the area and love shooting in the epic light. With the mountains in the background and the sand dunes near by you have such a diverse option of areas to shoot right there.

Best place to get engaged

Lyon Street Steps

Engagement sessions at the Lyon Street Steps in the Marina is another favorite spot. From the pillars to the steps and those adorable lantern style lights create an old world look to your images. Archways at the bottom make an incredible frame for couples to stand inside of and the lush greenery and florals around there are just gorgeous for engagements.

Engagement session Lyon street stairs San Francisco

Marin Headlands

The Marin Headlands for an engagement session is sure to wow anyone that sees the photos. Breathtaking view with jagged cliffs and an ocean view at Rodeo beach just stunning all around. I have a secret spot that is tough for people to find so I love the look out for engagement sessions and engagement proposals. This is such a magical spot because of all the succulents that create a beautiful colorful terrain. I highly recommend this spot and its a short drive from San Francisco in Marin. I remember one year I mentioned this spot to all my couples and all of them wanted to have their engagement session there! It was awesome!

Mount Tamalpais

Mount Tamalpais is a State Park and is just north of the famous San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. Stepping foot onto this majestic mount makes you appreciate nature in a whole new way. Its unique and spectacular landscape is a feast for the eyes, and it brings all kinds of good emotions to the soul. Deep canyons and rock formations. Californian redwood forests and oak woodlands.  Open grasslands and pure serenity. There was no way that the vast variety of landscape was going to fit into one sentence! You could visit Mount Tamalpais many times and view something new, it is amazing.Mount Tamalpais or Mount Tam as it is commonly named, is in the heart of Marin County. Mount Tamalpais is a State Park and is just north of the famous San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. Stepping foot onto this majestic mountain its filled with light and lush rolling hills.

Couple walking down the mountain ini Mount Tamalpais

Lovers Lane

Lovers Lane is an engagement session in the trees. Surrounded by tall gorgeous Eucalyptus trees and dappled light gives your engagement photos a real beautiful outdoorsy feel in the city. Located in the Marina this spot is always great to shoot at any time of the day as the trees create a nice shade that can offer a defused light even on sunny days.