Mike and Suzanne’s engagement session was at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It was such a great way for us all to connect and honor the love between the two of them. This couple was spectacular in front of the camera. Mike and Suzanne were a very youthful and connected pair. I truly feel like I lucked out with these two. Mike and Suzanne are planning a wedding in Wine Country at the Montage Hotel in Healdsburg.

I met Mike and Suzanne at the Lyon street Steps and I immediately adored the couple. This was were Mike had proposed to Suzanne.
I have always felt that the Lyon Street steps are a special place in San Francisco. The two just wanted a few shots around the beautiful area that represented San Francisco. The images came out graceful and intimate. The sun is always lower in the winter and it fell quickly behind the hills. We didn’t spend much time at the steps. The couple wanted to head out to the Golden Gate Bridge for the golden hour photos.

We parked our cars near the Sausalito side parking lot. Suzanne changed into a flirty cute fun dress. We we walked out onto the Golden Gate bridge. Suzanne and Mike were all smiles and laughter. The couple’s energy relaxed and became more playful! Mike lifted Suzanne in the air and doted over her lovingly simply enjoying the moment. The weather was not cold and there was hardly any wind. The sun set over the city changing the sky into soft hues of lavender, baby blue colors and cotton candy pinks.

I am very excited for Mike and Suzanne. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding day!
Wine country weddings are always my favorite.
Stay tuned for the wedding gallery!

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