Couple walking during sunset

Annie & Brandon were so excited about their engagement! The two had recently gotten engaged at a gorgeous winery in Healdsburg. Annie initially from Texas had a deep appreciation for the California landscape. She loved the ocean and when we spoke she admired a lot of the photos that I had taken at the Marin Headlands. The problem with the Headlands is that you never know when the wether might change up on you. Unfortunately we had made it to over the Golden Gate Bridge only to realize how socked in with fog it was. The thick white smoke lingered over the bride and far beyond. Annie’s heart was broken. She had her heart set on the gorgeous views of the cliffside and I knew how disappointed she must have been.

The great news is I am a very determined will stop at nothing to get the shot kind of gal. I knew if we just drove a bit further that there would be sunny wether and hikes galore. So I did some quick google searching and found the perfect spot. Up above the Tiburon hills near the Old St. Hilary chapel is a sweet hike that over looks the Tiburon town and the harbor. The view was incredible and Annie and Brandon were so thrilled!

I feel like Annie really relaxed and stepped into the moment of celebrating her engagement to Brandon. The images were so beautifully caught on fuji film with the perfect amount of contrast from the setting sun. One of the things I love most about Northern California coastal towns are the rolling hills that light up a soft golden hue from the dry grasses. It was the perfect color pallet of golden creams and contrasty blues. I enjoyed photographing these two. They were effortless and took to the camera quite easily. Brandon was such a gentlemen doting over his sprite and sweet fiancé. Annie was light and beautiful wearing an ear to ear smile and glowing with the admiration she had for her fiancé. It was easy to photograph these two being that they had been together for over 7 years. I cant wait for their wedding in the fall. The two will be married at the Nella Terra Cellars in Sunol California.