Styling and photographing details are the most important elements in the process of creating a cohesive gallery.

The Invitations

Vintage inspired Wedding invitations in White and Green with a swan decoration

Your wedding stationery and paper goods present the story in your wedding gallery. It is a powerful way to set the tone for how your wedding will look and feel. Your stationery lets guests know what to expect. It communicates key information such as where your wedding is happening, what time it starts (and ends), and what your guests should wear. But it also shares information about you as a couple: your personalities and your love story.
You spent time, money and so much effort on these precious paper goods, don't you think they deserve a good flat lay styling? I sure think so. That is why I spend a great deal of time styling your invites with added touches of florals and memoirs to make sure they get the recognition they deserve.

Wedding table of soft pink and white hues

When delivering those beautifully captured and composed detail shots one must not take for granted the masterful image of a well composed table! I take great consideration into how I photograph table shots, and I envision them complimenting the wedding day images. You spent countless hours deciding on everything from the overall design of your plates, table cloths, silverware to the chairs that speak to the style of the wedding. A well photographed table is imperative to photograph.
I travelled all the way to Paris to work with top notch stylists and designers to learn the art of photographing tables. A well decorated table can really set the bar high at a wedding...and an image of it is forever!