I believe that in order to always be perfecting your craft you must constantly be learning and growing as a photographer. Workshops are a great way to change up my focus and inherit new perspectives in my art. They encourage me to practice slowing down and give me the chance to roam in my creative space while refreshing my mind with the technical side of photography.  Making a careful decision to take Rebecca Yale’s workshop was the best decision I could have made. In my opinion she is the queen of flat lays and details. Her understanding of leading lines and color theory is impeccable. She has an attention to detail that drives all her imagery.

The workshop took place at The Barn in Green Valley and was beautifully styled by the amazing Event planner Katie Siegal. She pulled inspiration for her designs from three 20th century female artists, Georgia O’keeffe, helen Frankenthaler, and Yoyoi Kusama.  Max Gill created sculptural floral designs to compliment each table so elegantly. The workshop left me feeling so inspired and excited to shoot my up coming weddings this year. I am especially excited to start creating more flat lays and hopefully photographing some beautiful tablescapes.
I chose to shoot most of these details on film using Fuji 400 which added a nice touch of grain to my images. I put together a top 9 spread to show you how color can invoke an emotional response and add to the narrative of each story.