Sunset proposal at Stanly Ranch in Napa Valley


Proposing to the love of your life is a momentous occasion that deserves careful planning and a touch of creativity. While the traditional down-on-one-knee proposal is classic and timeless, adding a unique twist can make the moment even more special.
Here are five creative ways to propose that will leave a lasting impression. While this is an exciting journey, figuring out how to propose brings plenty of nerves. It’s important to note there’s no right way to get engaged—proposals look different for every couple. But if you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. Below, we’ve created a step-by-step guide for how to propose to your partner. Plus, we got tips you didn’t know you needed from a professional proposal planner. (Yes, that job exists, which can definitely help you take some things off your plate.)

1. Timeless Memories

Be sure to keep the ring in a pocket that won’t be accidentally found out. Nothing would ruin a surprise if your fiancé to be found the ring before you had a chance to get to the good part or worse if it fell out of your pocket! A ring sock is great way to guarantee it will stay hidden and safe until you pop the question!

Putting the ring on her finger
Hayley gasping in shock


Don’t sweat it! Make sure to take a deep breath and prolong the experience. Speak calmly and slowly. Even though you will probably be nervous you will want to remember the proposal and relive what you said. If you are being recorded for video, then try to speak in a genuine, calm and clear way to be sure the audio sounds good.

Beringer vineyards marriage proposal


Hire a photo video team! Everyone and we mean EVERYONE will want to know how, where, when and all the details including you both! Having your most important moment captured is a wonderful feeling of reliving that moment. I guarantee it will bring back the emotion of the moment when you are able to see it and hear it! This not only preserves the memory but also allows you to relive the special occasion for years to come. The captured images or video can later be used to create a personalized keepsake you will treasure forever.

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Boy and girl walking through the mountains with the sun setting


Choosing your location is the most important part of your proposal! Do you want there to be a view? Maybe a destination? Or maybe on the coast somewhere romantic? Wherever it is be sure to plan in advance where you want to have your proposal. Hiring a proposal planner can help you plan out all the details you did not think of. They can help you finalize all the details you didn't think of that will help you seal the deal in style and wow your fiancé!

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Ring shot with Golden Gate Bridge in the background


Plan on what you are going to say before the big moment. This will ensure that if you get nervous you don’t lose your words. Take the time to write out all the reasons why you love the person you are about to propose to. Make it count by saying things from the heart. Talk about your journey and how far you have come. Then take your time when getting down on your knee!

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