Hotel shot with the bride and groom at the Fairmont in Sonoma

Ben and Sara’s Fairmont Sonoma wedding was the epitome of pure luxury. Located in the heart of Sonoma, this wine country wedding created a weekend getaway experience for Ben & Sara’s guests to remember forever. Sara and Ben’s captivating love story says it all in the images. Working with this couple was pure perfection. The Fairmont Sonoma wedding memories were incredible. The couple will look back on these images forever.

Sara and Ben’s destiny played its part perfectly from their first encounter. From their first meeting sparks flew instantaneously. Their shared passions, dreams, and deep connection quickly blossomed into a love story for the ages.

We began our day with a breathtaking first look. These two were effortless in front of the camera. Ben, a dapper groom, doted over his bride and her incredible designer dress. After their first look, they seemed to be calm and seeing each other ignited an excitement with adventure on the horizon. We had a relaxing schedule throughout the day that allowed for many photo opportunities. So-Eventful and their team planned to perfection.

We walked around taking couple’s portraits on the hotel grounds admiring the exquisite architecture and lush gardens. Every corner of the hotel was a picturesque opportunity for amazing photographs. The couple were happy and light. They enjoyed the walking in the warm sunshine and the beautiful colors that the venue provided them.

The designs of the invites reflect the style and color of the event. The floral arrangements were thoughtful and planned to reflect Ben & Sara’s unique love story. Dragon Fly Floral designed the floral elements that added to the decor which presented soft hues of blush and whites.

Ben and Sara married on the Creekside Lawn. Standing under a beautiful wooden arbor with added floral touches the couple exchanged their vows. Tears of joy displayed on guests faces while Ben and Sara exchanged personal vows to one another. After pronounced husband and wife a gust of wind kicked up and what looked like snow fell upon them from a cottonwood tree.

As the sun set on their fairytale day, Sara and Ben danced around the hotel grounds. The enchanting ambiance of Fairmont Sonoma transformed the celebration into a dreamlike affair. Music filled the air and laughter echoed throughout the evening. The joy and love shared between the couple and their guests created an atmosphere of pure bliss and left everyone with memories they will cherish forever.

Sara and Ben’s wedding at Fairmont Sonoma was a celebration of love, beauty, and enchantment. The combination of the stunning venue, meticulous planning, and genuine hospitality of Fairmont Sonoma created an unforgettable experience for all involved. From the awe-inspiring landscapes to the elegant ballroom, every aspect of their special day showcased the magic of Fairmont Sonoma.

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