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Hello, we are Melisa and Laif Gilbertson, a husband and wife Photography & Videography team. We began our journey with our own love story and shortly after beginning our business we found ourselves immersed in other couple's stories. The art of telling your story is a big reason of why we do what we do. As a power couple, we bring the highest standards of design and style, with an editorial edge to our work.

It is the blueprint of our business to elevate the experience of our couples by offering communication, support, and quality.

" A poetic visual of love and light in soulful imagery"

When we met we both shared a dream of creating beautiful and masterful Imagery. Telling stories translated into creating photography & films emotionally inspire and bring happiness.

As a fine art curation of light and love, we believe everyone’s story deserves to be told in a timeless, soft, and elegant way. Our imagery is born from the uniqueness of your story. We serve couples with big dreams, a keen sense of style and an appreciation for detail. We offer our clients a bespoke experience and a supportive partnership on their journey towards the next phase of their lives. We enjoy meeting every couple we work with and being a part of a celebration of love. From the tiny details, to the last dance, we are there to make sure your priceless moments are remembered for a lifetime.

Thank you for visiting our site and best wishes on the journey that awaits you!

Laif Gilbertson Wedding videographer


It is our mission to provide clients with....

- thoughtful imagery & films

- heirloom quality memoirs

- consistency in our products

- fun loving & easy to work with

- impeccable work ethic

- supportive and kind