Muir Woods wedding in the redwood trees

Muir Woods | Marin, California

Some people say that a Muir Woods wedding is magical indeed. Eloping amongst the giant redwoods that have seen centuries and many people pass through can add to the love story of your wedding day. The national monument protects 554 acres of old growth redwood forest, one of a few such stands remaining in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is a very unique that makes you feel the fairytales of the forest.

Brian and Virginia’s intimate wedding took place in the magical forest of Muir Woods.  We were delighted by the enchanted energy of the redwoods and incredible light that surrounded them throughout the day.  The couple exchanged their vows under the infamous Pinchot tree, a special place for the two reminding them of their first date. We began the day walking through the enchanting Cathedral Grove, where the couple danced and nuzzled up in the gorgeous streams of light that pierced through the trees. Virginia completely in in love and breathless with excitement marveled at the beauty as she posed effortlessly with her love. This fancy pair decided to have a more elaborate party the following day. Muir Woods was a smaller elopement ceremony where they invited only their closest friends and family. Then the following day they had a bigger wedding party join them for a reception and dinner was the Marriott in South San Francisco .

Their Elopement was very heartfelt. I feel sometimes that the vows translate at a more emotional level when their are less people around. These vows made us all cry. With a beautiful teary eyed bride she embraced her groom with such an emotional hug it was beautiful to see the looming tall redwoods above them as they finally kissed and being pronounced husband and wife.

I adored Vivian and Brian from when I met them at their engagement shoot at Sutro Baths in Ocean Beach. Vivian had a very grounded and free natured will about her and Brian was very type A and fashioned forward. The two of them together were a perfect match of balance and harmony. Most of all I realized these two were so in love and couldn’t have been more pleasing to the camera.

We concluded the evening in the cake cutting and a roaring dance party! Everyone was drinking and celebrating the newly married couple and the food and deserts never really stopped coming. All in all everyone had a wonderful time, including us!

Photography: Blue Note  Weddings | Location: Muir Woods | Dress: Reformation | Suit: custom made by Spoon Tailor | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Ring: L.F. George Jewelry | Hair and Makeup: Charmaine Ching | Flowers: Floral Design Studio