What magic lies in the sea? 
What a wonder that we can board a sailboat and sail upon that blue expanse of mystery! Is it not like love?
The mysterious depths, the vast expanse, the timeless romance you feel with the wind on your face and sweeping views to gaze upon.  A sailboat elopement offers an authentic and intimate experience without the loss of luxury. There’s nothing like the thrill of heeling over as your sails fill and your speed picks up. Watching out over the horizon with the one you love, as Pelicans fly overhead, and the sight of dolphins jumping through the waves can set anyones’ heart to the feeling of flying. 

Sarah and Kenny had shared a special bond of sailing and found their pastime quite enjoyable sailing the San Francisco Bay together and sailing to the other side of Alcatraz. Sarah grew up sailing since the age of 4 and Kenny quickly took to sailing shortly after meeting his betrothed and eventually the two became captains of their own Beneteau. What a stunning boat it is!

It was easy to get swept away by Sarah & Kenny’s palpable love for each other.  With the sweeping views of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco’s city skyline and the mountains of Marin as our backdrop, the couple was enveloped in beauty.  We set out to sail the Bay on a foggy morning aboard the 42’ Beneteau sailboat. Our captain, the groom, confidently navigated the boat through the fog into calmer waters. The two exchanged vows and rings on the stern of the boat as the sun peaked through the clouds.  Joined by a few of their closest friends and family to witness their union, the gorgeous pair exchanged vows with the gentle sounds of the flowing ocean surrounding them. What brands my memory of this incredible elopement were the words of the bride to her groom during their vows.  I felt it was so perfectly suited to all couples looking to get married on a sailboat…“While we can not direct the wind, we can always adjust the sails…”

Sarah was exquisite in her fashionable Sarah Seven silhouette gown complimented with floral designs by Lori Bouret. Her makeup and hair was elegantly styled for the occasion by Melisa Hall Makeup and Hair
Sarah seemed very comfortable on the boat showing no fear and complete confidence in moving about the sailboat. She was in her element and turned to us at one point gently whispering in a goddess like voice, “This is a dream”. 
The wind whipped at Sarah’s wedding dress as she stood graceful and feminine at the bow for portraits, an ever present smile upon her face and a glow about here that accentuated her beauty.  

Kenny dressed in a dapper black and white classic tux with silver anchor cufflinks that were the perfect accent to his attire. He was as dashing and stylish as a groom can hope to be owning his posture in front of the camera. Kenny was an ace of a gentleman that dazzled us all with his charm and personality. During the first look he carefully turned around and adored his beautiful bride.  He authoritatively, yet gently, held her in his arms. Aboard the sailboat he expertly dipped and kissed Sarah during their gorgeous ceremony at the stern of the boat with the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge as their wedding backdrop. 

Sarah and Kenny held an authentic and infectious connection to one another that translated so well in their images bringing a timeless romance to the ocean. The newlyweds were so well tuned to each other that posing them would have seemed over done. They new just what to do in front of the camera and we could just step back and allow the two to connect while documenting their love from a less intrusive space. 

As the sun peaked out through the clouds it was very important for us to run out the jib.  The jib blocked the direct light creating a gentle diffusion from the sun that allowed for softer light. Although film can handle harsher lighting conditions I loved the soft glow that the jib created around them taking away any shadows on their faces, and the wind added lovely, animated movement into the bride’s hair and groom’s jacket. 

The sailboat carried us safely back to shore.  All the while holding its decorative necklace of florals on it’s bow. 

We couldn’t help but notice the two kept glancing at one another whilst managing the sails and adjusting the ropes, as if they couldn’t take their eyes off of one another and the amazing adventure they had just embarked on. As we set course back to the city, we all knew that this was the start of something that would last. 
This gorgeous Sailboat elopement wedding was featured in Wedding Sparrow…check it out!

Photographer: Melisa Hall: Blue Note Weddings
Film Lab:
Floral Designer:
Lori Bouret
Dress Designer: Sarah Seven
Hair & Make-up Artist:
Melisa Hall Makeup and Hair
Additional vendor details: Vow Books –
Kelsey Mallie Calligraphy