I love shooting Boudoir. I love how intimate and soft boudoir can feel. Applying that fine art style to my imagery can lend itself to a more artistic and poetic way of the boudoir experience. Before a boudoir photography session I typically like to get on a call with my client and go over very specific things such as where her photographic boundaries lie. How much a client wants to reveal in a boudoir session is entirely up to her. I never push and I never assume. Finding the right outfits to compliment in the imagery is very important as well. Shopping for the right textures, and styles is equally important. I make sure to talk about the jewelry and shoes as well. To often have I seen boudoir become trashy and cheap looking very quick. I definitely have no need for that. My favorite boudoir lingerie is hands down A Girl and A Serious Dream or for more main stream Agent Provocateur

woman placing her hand on her knee
portrait of a mother holding a glass of champagne wearing lingerie

One of the reasons why I love boudoir is because of how sensual it can be but mostly I love to see a woman unfold to her greatest potential. Watching someone become powerful in front of the camera is inspiring to me. I have photographed mothers that no longer felt pretty after having a baby. That feeling was quickly transformed to almost superhuman like where the woman really felt like she was being seen again….often its being seen by ourselves. Somehow we as women can lose track of things after having a husband and kid. We can get caught up in the repetition of everyday life and its a constant act of giving out our energy to our loved ones. Boudoir gives us a break from that experience to unwind and remember who we were prior to our life changing & body changing experience all being shot on film to give that timeless quality, color and style to the photographs.
During most boudoir sessions women start out feeling a bit nervous and uncertain of what to expect. If I had to explain it I would say its a conversation between my subject and I about life and maybe remembering a time when she once felt powerful. I try to tap into that time and let her relive it, experience it and externalize it to the camera. It is a very cool feeling to hear how excited the women are after I deliver their galleries to them. I usually get comments like “oh my god do I look like that?” and “I’m beautiful”.

close up of a woman smiling at the camera in a white laced bra

When I shoot couples boudoir, its a bit different than when I am shooting a woman on her own in some lacy lingerie. It’s more about an intimacy that isn’t seen in public. Something very tranquil and unique to the individual couple. Most these sessions are in their homes such as a kitchen, living room or bedroom. And often times I like to bring the couples closer to one another conveying the beautiful energy. What happens when two people come together? They create a divine closeness that will inevitably change and evolve over time. My goal as the photographer in a couples boudoir session is to give the couple images they can look back upon and remember who they were as a couple in a specific point in time. It is quite a beautiful experience.

Couple's boudoir of guy and girl hugging in pj's
close up of a color bone and lips
boyfriend and girlfriend lying in bed laughing

I feel like most of the time clients come to see me because they want to gift their husbands with a boudoir session but it ends up being the experience they didn’t think it would be….for them too. I guess I would say that my favorite part about boudoir is reminding each woman about how sexy, beautiful and strong they really are. If I can do that for all my women then I feel that I am in the right profession. That is what makes my job so unique and incredible.

We are super excited to announce that we got published in the spring issue of Lake Bride Magazine for one of our boudoir sessions!
My husband and business partner Laif Gilbertson was born in Minnesota and we frequently go back to visit his family there. On our last visit we had so much fun to connecting with Photographer and friend Trisha Spencer out in Two Harbors Minnesota at the Larsmont Cottages where Trisha and her team put together a couple of styled shoots for the Lake Bride Magazine publication. Much to our excitement the boudoir images we photographed during the styled shoot were printed in their spring issue! All images were shot with both my digital camera and my film Contax 645.

Boudoir shoot with girl holding flowers
Two Harbors Minnesota Boudoir shoot
girl staring seductively into the camera during boudoir session

Photographer |  Blue Note Weddings / Melisa Hall
Styled by | Lake Bride Magazine 
Host Photographer | Xsperience Photography
Venue | Larsmont Cottages
Lingerie | Victoria’s Secret
Skirt | Rebeeca Ingram
Florist | North In Bloom
Earrings | Britta Lynn Design from Waters of Superior 
Coffee Mug | The Lake + Co. Shop 
Model | Jenny Lezer