Expecting mothers carry a unique and precious energy that translates in images in such a beautiful way. When doing a maternity photoshoot and a woman is expecting the arrival of her baby, I already see a mother before me. She carries a gentle energy soft and bright. She carries a wisdom that feels timeless almost like a dedication of the women that came before her. In a maternity photograph that energy within her is a feminine poise and gracefulness that translates so beautifully in images.

Maternity photos comes with a story for each individual couple. I adore seeing this family before me so careful and so proud of the beautiful being they are honoring together. The images speak to me this way. They bring a powerful marker in their own stories of this profound life change. I am always honored to be chosen to photograph mothers and fathers to be.

Amanda and Derek had hoped for a baby for quite some time. After years of trying and waiting they were blessed with a due date in April! Amanda was 35 weeks pregnant and over the moon with excitement and energy during their maternity shoot. The two brought a cute little baby onsie that read “Worth the wait” and danced in the little ally way next to their home with smiles and laughter as we documented the glow that wrapped around these two. Derek was so adoring of his wife and unborn child. He carried the essence of a protector. I loved how conscious of her he was, making sure she was feeling ok, and how proud he looked at her adorable round belly.

We shot for about 2 hours around the city near North Beach in San Francisco. It was a joy to walk through the tiny streets photographing the parents to be and their silly moments together. Sometimes a client fits and feels so comfortable, and these two were just like home for me. As they enjoyed walking through their neighborhood we decided to head back to their apartment and wait for the sun to drop a bit. Amanda decided to change her outfit to something dressier and we headed for their rooftop.
Up there was a gorgeous view of the iconic San Francisco buildings and I caught some some gorgeous sun flare images city skyline as the backdrop. It was as if these two were meant to be parents. I could tell they really were going to be great at parenthood. They seemed to have a strong bond and I was excited the images turned out so nice capturing the essence of this time in their lives.  I just know this baby will be welcomed with so much love!