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Andrew and Stephanie were one of the amazing couples that you just couldn’t help but fall in love with. Due to the Covid 19 virus the couple were forced to move their wedding to another date but the fortunate thing about their wedding plans being moved resulted in them having won our 3k followers engagement session giveaway. I loved this giveaway because it gave couples a chance to enter a giveaway during a time that felt like a little bit of a bummer year. I was lucky enough to have picked an amazing couple that were so graceful in front of the camera. 

Andrew and Stephanie’s engagement session began at the San Francisco’s monumental Palace Of Fine Arts at the very spot where they got engaged. It was a beautiful day in San Francisco and the light came streaming in through the Rotunda of the beautiful structure giving off a warm glow the tera cotta building. The couple were dressed to impress. Stephanie’s beautiful Scala dress sparkled in the light and paired nicely with her metallic Prada heels and Andrew was dapper in his suit and tie. We had a ball hanging out in the landmark building. To finish off the day we decided to head to San Francisco’s Baker Beach for a beautiful sunset shoot in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. The soft light wrapped around the couple in a pink halo of light and reflected diamonds in the sand. Their engagement shoot went from amazing to even more amazing when Stephanie and Andrew got so tangled up in the excitement of the shoot that they ran into the cold January ocean completely unaware of the temperature. The two laughed and danced in the pink sunset light. It was a magical day for all of us. 

How They Met…

The gorgeous couple met on a dating app as many couples do these days! Andrew was passing through Los Angeles and Stephanie lived there but Andrew asked her if she wanted to meet up anyway. He asked her if she wanted to meet up for a dinner date and had no idea of any good places to go to. She agreed and he picked her up and told her to the Grove at a quaint little Italian place along the fountain. The two confabulated about common interest and listed to music and drank wine whilst getting to know one another. They were nervous because there was attraction and Andrew felt he had never met such a beautiful girl before. After the date had ended the couple described it as the perfect date as the two felt magic when the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran came on and they both started to sing along.

From the groom…

“The proposal took some secretive planning as I’m sure most of them do. First was the ring. Stephanie had showed me some ideas of what she wanted so that was helpful. I worked with a great jeweler and had one designed for her exactly how she dreamed. next was to get her to the location I fell in love with her, The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. This was difficult because she lived in Los Angeles. With the help of her parents and grandfather they convinced her that they were going to a special concert in the park so she needed to have her hair and nails done and all dressed up. She was under the impression I was out of town for work and was in a spotty service zone so no Facetime was allowed. I booked a hotel the night before in the city and had my suit pressed and picked up a beautiful bouquet of roses. My plan was very specific. I wanted her to walk in the center of the dome of the palace thinking there was going to be a concert. As soon as she got to the middle I had our song Perfect by Two Cellos on a large speaker. I appeared out from behind a column and approached her with the flowers. She was so surprised and in a bit of shock. I then asked her to dance with me to the song . I had it timed perfect because when a certain part of the song came on I dropped to one knee and asked her to Marry Me! She of course said YES! and then we continued to dance to the song. I was so nervous! i never told anybody this but she laughed when she saw it. I opened the ring box upside down. But regardless she loved it. I couldn’t have made any of it possible without her awesome brother. He was the coordinator of the music and getting her to the exact spot in the middle of the dome. I am just so happy her family was involved since they truly mean the world to her.”

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