Viansa Engagement proposal

Sonoma, CA

I was so excited to document Mallory & Alex’s beautiful engagement proposal at Viansa Winery. It was a sunny and gorgeous Monday afternoon.
Mallory thought the couple were going wine tasting that day. Incredibly surprised when Alex knelt down on one knee and popped the question, Mallory began to cry. He presented her with a gorgeous 2 carat diamond wedding round cut diamond wedding ring with pave diamonds on the band.. She said yes! The two had their private moment in between the two olive trees overlooking a breath taking view. It was a gorgeous day and the couple cried tears of joy.

After the proposal Alex’s family reveled themselves and the family gathered for a tasting celebration in the Grotto. Mallory was so excited when her best friend came out of no where to surprise her. The couple were shocked when Alex’s grandmother came out of the winery and surprised them. She had flown all the way from Spain to witness the momentous occasion. Emotions were flying. The family were so happy to celebrate the news.

After the proposal, the couple enjoyed some sparkling wine with a cheese board prepared by the staff at Viansa. We walked around the property taking portraits of the newly engaged couple. Viansa is a gorgeous property sitting on 97 acres of wetlands. Olive trees lined the property and offer such a lush view. The winery presents itself with many photo opportunities so I was sure to get the couple lots of portraits for their memories.