We have entered a new time in a new world. With Corona Virus hitting the events industry, it has left brides feeling overwhelmed and limited to a smaller wedding guest count. Video Live Stream has become the fastest growing event coverage medium in todays weddings. Now with our newest addition of our wedding and event live streaming service to our packages, you don’t have to single any of your friends and family out. Now all your guests can attend the wedding from anywhere in the world! Adding live stream to your event can include anyone with access to a computer or handheld device to attend your wedding, birthday party, or any event of your dreams.

With so many thoughts and questions of whether or not to proceed with a wedding or event we have put together a simple solution for couples to help aid them in the direction of moving forward. The best thing about live stream is that guests can attend a special event without the worry of traveling. These days people with poor health and the elderly are now at a higher risk of getting covid, and many are choosing not to attend weddings. With a Live Stream this can be the quick and easy solution to a difficult time. Live stream has revolutionized how we are approaching our social times with the ones we love. We have put together 5 simple reasons of how and why we have added live stream services and for all your guests to enjoy in real time on the day of the wedding or event.

1. Internet connection & Speed

First you will need good wifi. Event spaces don’t always offer good wifi depending on where you are getting married. Some rural places such as wine country in Napa or Sonoma may cut off your cell phone wifi all together. Depending on where you are wifi could be a major issue. Also, many venues do have internet available, but once even 20 or 30 guests log on, it slows to a crawl. Which is why we come prepared with our mobile hotspot that offers a strong wifi signal no matter where you are. Once things have been set up, guests can log onto a supported link we give them such as YouTube, Facebook, or even zoom and within moments they can witness the event as it is taking place.

2. High end camera set up

Don’t settle on low quality! Sure you can have Uncle Joe live stream your wedding to facebook with his 5 year old iPhone, but we love image quality! We come with a professional cameras that can stream High Definition 1080p, producing a sharp picture even in low light situations. Not to mention pro audio microphones as well, so your online guests can hear every word or your ceremony. And just because it’s streaming live doesn’t mean it’s not recorded, so anyone who misses it can watch the replay the video later.

3. Producing Clean Audio

There’s no point in having a wonderful, sharp, clear, live stream video, if you can’t hear anything that’s being said! Your guests want to hear the tremble in your voice as your recite your vows or the giggles at the jokes said during the ceremony. Voices are often times what people overlook and hearing those voices can be what we forget first. Let your guests experience all the sounds of the day from the music that was played when you walked down the aisle to the clapping from the audience. Included with all our livestream packages is pro audio setup to capture the vows, the laughs, the tears and cheers of your ceremony. We provide microphones that will pick up a clean sound with no disturbance.

4. Best platform to live stream a wedding

Our livestream equipment features high end cameras, hardware to connect them to a computer, running software to translate the camera image, to a hotspot sending it to one of the various platforms like Youtube, Zoom, Skype. Some platforms limit the number of guests that log in, or require a paid account to stream in HD or invite a large lumber to watch the stream. Live Streaming a wedding on Zoom is a popular option however Zoom only lets you stream at 720p unless you have a paid account. Zoom’s free account also limits calls to only 40 minutes and up to 100 participants. Google Hangout is also free, but only 25 people can join a video call. FaceTime is also free and allows up to 32 people, but guests must have an Apple device. Don’t let these limitations hold you back from letting your friends and family experience the event as if they were there. We live stream our weddings to Youtube in 1080p full HD where service permits with unlimited guest logins.

5. The real time experience

Guests will experience the wedding as if they were there. Watching the event live will allow your guests to feel like they are apart of your wedding day. Watching a video that has taken place days ago may not feel the same way as watching in real time. Emotions will be felt as you speak your vows or blow out the birthday candles. Imagine all those that can’t witness your event in person at home with a cocktail of their own watching you be pronounced husband and wife. The love that is felt through the screen in real time will be felt in its entirety. The difficulties of covid have a lot of couples having to choose between family members….now we provide the solution so that they don’t have to. Live stream is the way to bridge the gap and keep the connections of loved ones current and strong.

Once the livestream is over the recording is automatically recorded and remains online for those that missed the live stream to watch whenever they want. Coverage of your wedding day is the most important thing. Your love story will be shared with those that care about you and they will thank you for including them in your life event. For more information on live stream, pricing and our services please be sure to contact us at any time.