Wedding vows and rings

So much of the wedding day is so fleeting. From the flowers to the cake and the invitations, and sometimes even the dress are all things that will be gone after the wedding day. The great news is your wedding images will hold those memories forever and you will always be able to look back on them and remember the feelings and wonderful moments of the day. Here are some helpful hints on how to take your wedding images from good to amazing!

Vintage inspired Wedding invitations in White and Green with a swan decoration

Wedding Invitations & Paper Goods

Make sure to send us your elegant wedding invitations before the day of or have with you on the wedding day your beautiful invitations so that we can photograph them in a flat lay. Having your invitations gives us a sense of what your color scheme and style is. It’s all in the details. Also requesting loose florals from your florist to add to the flat lay can create the perfect touch!

If you can’t splurge on a custom wedding invites, no problem, we suggest purchasing one beautiful invitation suite to be photographed for the gallery! Such a good way to enhance the look of the gallery. Be sure to mail us a hard copy invite when you get them!

Here are my favorite fine art invitation peeps to choose from….

Pretty Written Things
Papier Handmade

Wedding Family Photo List

Make a family photo list of the groups of family members you would like photographed on the day of at least 3 weeks before the wedding day. Consider keeping this list as short as possible. Of course you will want your immediate family and closest in the list but try to pair down for more time with you and your hubby to take portraits. Keep in mind that depending on the schedule of the day having a big list can cut into your portrait time. Not to worry, we can always photograph your extended family during the reception.

Entire bridal party at Nella Terra
Bella Belle Shoes on vows

Gathering the details

Be sure to gather all your unique details the night before (jewelry, dress, shoes, veil etc.) and have them all in one place on the wedding day so when we arrive we can get to work right away on photographing everything without having to bother you.
I love designer shoes for the flat lay, your perfume bottle, cufflinks, belts, and any other heirlooms that are dear to your heart.


 Do start earlier than you think you need to on the day of your wedding. “You don’t want to end up behind schedule for the rest of the day, so build in that cushion of extra time. Tell everyone involved in your wedding that they must arrive at XYZ location 15 minutes before you actually need them. If they are early, fantastic — if they are late (but really on time), you won’t stress. Win-win!

Groom dipping his bride for a kiss after ceremony

Photo Bombers

A great thing to remind your officiant or Priest is that when he pronounces you man and wife to step out of the way of the shot and allow you to have a clean kiss photograph with no dangling heads in between you!

Wedding photos ruined by cel phones and Screens

While I understand your guests are excited to witness such a beautiful occasion and want to document the moment as well, its a big disappointment to couples to see photos with big bright screens or cel phones ruining very special moments. Its always very appreciated when someone such as the officiant makes an announcement before the ceremony begins reminding the guests to please refrain from using cel phones during the ceremony!

Gorgeous Blush and burgundy wedding invitation

Heirloom wedding details

When planning your wedding the details are always what matters most. What makes your images so beautiful is what you choose to put into the styling of your details. I love things like ring boxes, special perfume, ribbons, vintage stamps and any added details that are of sentimental value to you. I do come prepared with a bag full of styling goodies but any additional items add to the beauty of your gallery. Having a custom ring box can really take your detail shots to the next level. You can also order a vintage ring box on Etsy or Ebay for a unique touch. Also hunting for a ring box at any antique store that can be a perfect addition to your styling. Don’t have one? Don’t worry I have plenty!

Calligraphed Vows

Consider having your vows written by a professional Calligrapher. Calligraphy wedding vows are a beautiful keepsake and you can even frame them. Having your vows calligraphed is a nice touch for preserving the most important words you will ever write. You can revisit them every year on your anniversary!

I love these calligraphers and have worked with them over the years in creating beautiful works…


bride holding calligraphed vows

Wedding Videography Tips

FOR VIDEO ONLY: When considering your wedding video the audio is one of the most important things you want to have clean and clear. We have amazing wedding audio equipment but there may always be surrounding noise that can be a distraction. If you have written vows to one another please be sure to let us know! If time permits we would want to have you each recite your vows to camera so we get clean audio for your video!

Enjoy your wedding day!

Remember have fun! This is what you have been planning for for so long. Let go, Sit back, relax and let us take care of you. We have done this many times and we are here to support you and ensure you have the best time of your lives and get the best photos and videos possible.

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