Newborn photos

I always feel like entering a home where there is a newborn is a very sensitive and delicate time. There always tends to linger an energy of newness and vulnerability both from the baby and the parents therefore the home always feels like its in a transitional stage and everything is hyper new to the little subject being photographed.

It’s a special thing to be invited to document a newborn.  Honored to be trusted with these special images because this time is so fleeting. From day to day the changes are tremendous. Little baby Theo had one of the most gorgeous nurseries I have ever seen. All the little details and the restoration hardware crib made the small space feel luxurious. The colors of his room were calming and perfect for a baby boy.

Theo was a gem to photograph. He barely fussed and the clicking from the shutter sparked a curious stare into my camera. His parents tired and so in love with his every movement were gentle and engaged. I really enjoyed creating these images with them and watching this beautiful bond being translated in every photograph.