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Finding the right photographer for your wedding day can seem a little overwhelming at first. Especially to a couple that doesn’t know much about wedding photography. I have always been a lover of timelessness in all things especially my wedding photography work. When I am shooting with my medium format film camera or 35mm cameras there is a magical connection. I have between film camera, the light and my subject. But why should you choose a film photographer for your wedding day? I have broken this blog down to a few very important reasons of you WANT a film photographer on your wedding day.
All images have been processed by my lab Richard Photo Lab

Timeless Memories

What I love most about Film photography is its timelessness. Although digital images with a film like preset can come close to replicating a look, nothing compares to the way an image can look frozen in time when shot on a film camera. I shoot on the Contax 645 with 80mm Zeiss lens and I find this achieves a sharp image with a non crispy affect that digitals tend to have. I choose film because there is no other color science like it. Even though there are presets that can mimic the look of film, it will never really compare. I want my couples to look at their images 10, 20, 40 years from their wedding day and see a timeless image and not an outdated image from 2022.

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First and foremost let us go back to a simpler time when digital screens did not exist on the back of our cameras. The very act of shooting film keeps us film photographers bound to our subject. I stay connected and present to the moments that unravel before me. Sure I don't have the instant gratification of seeing what I just shot, but there is a certain skill of understanding and assessing the light, the quality of the light, and the color of the light.. After all most digital photographers are usually relying on what the screen on the back of the camera is telling them instead of their inner knowledge. I am reading the light then staying completely immersed in what is happening right in front of me. I like that.


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Every time I pull the trigger on my film camera it costs me 4 dollars. That’s right! So after shooting about 10-20 rolls of film that cost adds right up to around $500-$1000! Yes it is expensive but I don’t think you can put a price tag on forever, Can you? Well I will tell you that shooting film has made me more intensional that digital because digital files don’t cost me anything other than storage (which is expensive as well….but that’s another blog lol)
I find the intention of shooting film is more deliberate because the minute I pick up my digital camera it becomes less of “OMG this better be amazing every single time” and it becomes more of “click click clickkkkk”. when I am shooting film I am watching as if my life depends on it…..and sometimes holding my breath to get that perfect shot!

With film there is an art happening in the moment. Together we are blending an experience of light, love, grain, irreplicable color and subject. Every time I snap a photo there is literally a chemical reaction happening on a microscopic level. Film renders the highlights and shadows quite differently than shadows do translating an image where skin can be flawless and details of the dress can be sharp!
There is a lyrical and flawless blending of light, shadow and energy that allows an image to be poetic.
And it doesn't stop there! Once a wedding is over, I send my rolls of film off to the lab. I have worked very closely with my film lab to come up with a color pac that has all my scans looking like Blue Note Weddings scans. They have adjusted every color to my liking and understand my brand and style. They then process the film, scan it and send it back to me in digitalized form. It now can be put into my software and tweaked to give it a modernized look. Honestly, it is beyond exciting recieving my scans back, and quite honestly editing film scans feels like opening presents on Christmas Day.

Light & Love